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Staying Optimistic
February 6, 2011, 1:14 am
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Considering the fact that the title of my blog is currently “Optimistic Vegan,” I felt it was only appropriate to talk a little more about that.

I think that most vegans are necessarily optimistic. Unless the reason you’re vegan is purely for health reasons, odds are that you are hoping to change something. Whether it’s putting your dollars elsewhere to encourage better alternatives that are sustainable or to end the cruel practices of factory farms, you’re hoping that your actions will affect change. This in itself is an optimistic way of looking at things, rather than apathetically thinking that nothing you do will help.

This is one of the reasons I love meeting new vegans. They’re usually very passionate, compassionate and happy people. They love life (and the lives of others!) and they’re enacting change by changing their lifestyles.

However, I’m not going to lie, there are definitely some depressing sides to being vegan. For one, if you’re vegan you know how terrible society can act. The people that surround you are contributing to the suffering of millions and most of them don’t ever think about it (or know?). You see how greedy industries can be, or how passive the government acts. And on top of this you get ridiculed by the people around you for not participating in the cruel practices that are considered normal. I’ve definitely had my times where I’ve been overwhelmed with all of this. But for me it’s worth it.

You’ll get no where if you all you think about are the negatives. If you’re vegetarian/vegan then something inspired you to get to that point. Just remember what it was and you’ll be fine. It can be hard sometimes, but think about all of the good that you’re doing! You are making a difference. You’re helping us get to a more compassionate world. One vegetarian at a time!

I hope this was coherent. It’s a bit late!


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