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January 30, 2011, 8:49 pm
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I’m sure you’ve heard me rant about this before, but I think it needs to be reiterated. I hate the terms “vegan” and “vegetarian.” (I really feel like I’ve already talked about this, but I can’t find it!) It puts those people in a little box and they feel like they can’t move, they feel the need to define themselves, and other people don’t have as much “respect” if they aren’t completely in their box. Let me explain.

From what I’ve seen, most people don’t think they can be completely vegan/vegetarian so they don’t try at all. (Read my post titled Every Bit Goes a Long Way for more about that) This is why I hate the titles of vegan/vegetarian. It’s like you have to have the title to prove to others what your beliefs are or something. I think that we should care less about what other people think of us and stay true to ourselves and what we believe. If you think that factory farms are terrible and you feel you can give up red meat but never chicken, give up red meat! You might not be able to call yourself a “vegetarian” but at least you know you’re doing what you think is best by doing what you can.

A lot of new vegans/vegetarians get discouraged because they slip up/forget/take a break or whatever, and some even quit altogether. You have to cut yourself some slack! For the people my age, you’ve been eating meat for almost 2 decades! It’s not easy for everyone to make a lifestyle switch that quickly! If you slip up a couple of times, understand that you’re still making a difference.

So I think that you should stop caring about getting that title and instead do what you can.

Baby cow picture for you!

baby cow



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I heard this analogy a long time ago: It’s like driving. When you cross the center divider line by mistake, because you were momentarily distracted, do you just give up and say, “That’s it! There is no point staying in my lane?” No. You recover, and pull back into your lane and keep going.

Comment by Shaun

Very nice insight. I have been trying to be vegetarian, but as of right now all I can figure out is how to give up red meat. I felt like I was cheating “vegetarianism”, but in fact the name shouldnt matter to me because its just a word. When I feel I am cheating myself, then it should be a problem, not when I feel I am cheating a stereotype.

Comment by Kristin

That’s how I feel! Who cares about the word itself? Those cows are the ones that will be happier down the line, think of them instead of the people around you. (P.S. I miss youuu!)

Comment by krazykaitie

Ahh this is great. I agree!

Comment by krazykaitie

I’ve always looked at vegans and thought something like, “that’s something completely awesome that I don’t have nearly enough will power to do”. Though I sometimes wonder if most people look at vegans like they were Todd Ingram from “Scott Pilgrim” (the guy whose veganism gave him psychic powers).

I will say this. Your are making me want to start taking little steps like you’ve said.

Comment by Tylor

I actually haven’t seen that movie yet! I should. And I’m glad you want to take little steps! That’s the way to do it too, and get excited about the things that you can do.

Comment by krazykaitie

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