Optimistic Vegan

Every Bit Goes a Long Way

Something I’m sure many of you have seen is the picture of a cow and a list of all of things we use her for with the tagline “There is no such thing as a vegan.” You may have seen the blog post that I put on my facebook wall (I didn’t write it, but it’s another that responded to the illustration). When I first saw the illustration I was a little upset, but there has been a lot of interesting response to it that I think it was a cool thing for people to see.

Oftentimes those who aren’t vegan try to find “flaws” with those who choose a vegan lifestyle or they’ll try to “catch” them being non vegan. I think that if they can prove that the vegan isn’t actually vegan then it justifies their choice to use animal products. Because if it’s impossible to be a vegan, then why bother changing your lifestyle? Something that Colleen Patrick-Goudreau often says in response to things like this is, “Don’t do anything because you can’t do everything. Do something.” I love this. Just because it might be impossible to be a complete vegan doesn’t mean I should disregard what I think is right. I try the best that I can to live my life as true to myself and that’s all I can ask of anyone else.

Something vegans hear a lot is that it would be impossible to go vegetarian because it’s too hard to give up chicken, or it’s too hard to go vegan because it’s too hard to give up cheese. So why don’t you give up everything but chicken? Or make the steps toward a vegan lifestyle by giving up everything but cheese? I think that in society today there is such an emphasis on labels that people don’t want to explain that they are almost vegan, with the exception of cheese. Anything you give up helps, and somewhere down the line someone is appreciating it!


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