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November 9, 2010, 12:45 pm
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I’ve been at college for about two and a half months now and I’m absolutely in love. I’ve adjusted faster than I ever felt possible, I’ve met amazing people and already I’m learning crazy new things. It’s an interesting new dynamic for me to be in a place where for the first couple weeks you are only seeing and meeting people you’ve never met. I will admit, the first couple weeks were not my favorite, as small talk has never been something I enjoy, but after those first initial meetings it’s a thrill to meet so many interesting people.

With meeting so many new people I’ve shared with them countless times the fact that I’m vegan. (What’s so cool about Whitman is that almost everyone knows what vegan means!) I’m met with similar responses that I’ve come across in the past, and for the most part they’ve all been pleasant conversations.

One thing that I was hoping would stay behind in high school is identifying me as “the vegan” in all topics. Like if there’s a disagreement about something entirely unrelated, it comes back to, “well, it’s probably just because you’re vegan.” Everyone who jokes with me about this are good friends and I know they mean no harm, but it’s just an odd thing to point out. It’s not like every time I disagree with them it’s probably because they’re left-handed or because they like penguins. (Okay, silly examples, but you get the point!)

To me, veganism seems like a weird thing to make fun of someone for (maybe I’m a little biased). I’m vegan because I don’t want to add to the suffering of other animals. <Let’s single Kaitie out and never let her forget how different she is!> I’m exaggerating, but it seems so silly to me how often it comes up in conversation in such a joking manner. It’s possible that by teasing me they can avoid actually thinking about what it means for me to be vegan. Because if it’s a joke, then why waste time pondering it.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not being passive-aggressive toward those who tease and I’m not even asking you to stop! I just find it interesting, and wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts about it!

AND NOW for a really cute picture of a baby pig that my dad found on the internet and sent to me.


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I love this one. I was actually just thinking about this exact same thing the other day. Lately I really started to notice just how much you get labeled as “the vegan” in groups, especially when there aren’t even any vegetarians present. Not that its especially a bad thing, because being Vegan is awesome (boo yah!) but its just an interesting thought. On one hand it was disheartening because having that label really drives it home that you are rather alone, or represent such a small group of people who adhere to a compassionate moral code, if you will. But on the other hand it was a little bit encouraging because it leads me to believe that when people say this, they’re thinking about the comparison between themselves and the vegan. Which, maybe, hints at guilt that they are unable to comply to veganism/unable to try? One of the most common comments I here is about how I am so strong/crazy for following such a strict diet. Or at least, they are just plain aware of it all the time.

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