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It’s been a while. I am here, at the Let Live Conference and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to be around so many like-minded people. This conference (which I’ve never been to!) works to give animal rights advocates the skills to become animal activists. It’s this weekend, Saturday and Sunday but I got confused and thought it started tomorrow, (oops!) so we’re a day early.

However, I wouldn’t have had the unique opportunity to see the film, Bold Native. This is a movie (not a documentary) about an animal liberator, Charlie, and what lengths he goes to, and what dangerous situations he puts himself in to give animals a better home. It describes the different ideas floating around the animal rights community, and the different kinds of people that commit themselves.

It was a very refreshing film, and honestly quite terrifying. While looking through the agenda for this conference there are many speakers prepared to talk about security and how to avoid jail time; all of which I passed for other, safer talks. This movie cemented the unnecessary dangers that animal liberators go through, and the real threat that is jail time. For saving cramped chickens and fearful calves, (and for destroying factory farming property) Charlie is faced with a life sentence. (It’s also easier to feel sympathetic towards Charlie as he is quite attractive! Ha.)

I’m so glad we got here a day early and that we were able to see this film in a theatre. I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed for crying—instead I felt comforted by my neighbors who are the most active animal advocates I’ve ever met. At the end of the film the applause was unanimous and lasted for quite a while—no one wanted it to end. In that moment there was an unspoken feeling of gratitude for bringing us all together and reopening these ideas but also a feeling of sadness for the reason that we all had to come.

This conference is one of the stops on the tour of Bold Native, and because of this the directors, one of the producers and a couple of the actors came along with it. This secured the togetherness of the crowd, of the “choir.” (Not to mention how cool it was to see Charlie—Joaquin Pastor—in real life! AH!)

The next stop of Bold Native happens to be in Seattle, as part of the Northwest Film Forum, so you should all go and see it. (And maybe Joaquin will be there)

ALSO. You should vote for Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s video to be put on Oprah’s network!



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I voted! Sounds like you are having fun.

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