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May 30, 2010, 3:32 pm
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While at Folklife yesterday, one of my wonderful table mates raved and raved about the movie, Earthlings. A wonderful film narrated by vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix (soon to be my husband) of movies like Walk the Line and Gladiator, this film describes animals and humans alike as “earthlings” or “those of the planet earth.”

Wow. Believe me, this movie is not for the faint-hearted. The 95 minutes of it were almost unbearable (and at times, they were unbearable) to watch. The utter disregard we have for animals’ lives is disgusting.

The documentary discusses 5 ways that we exploit animals: pets, food, clothing, entertainment and science. It describes how many animals are killed each year because of the refusal to spay/neuter pets or animals that are abused or given up by their owners. Hopefully how they are exploited for food is clear to you, but the film discusses each main type of animal briefly, with very graphic imagery. When the film talked about clothing, it focused on leather (but that isn’t to say wool and other types of clothing aren’t as brutal) and that was very enlightening as I hadn’t known much about that before. Zoos and circuses and the abuse these animals endure, as well as the horrible tests that animals go through, unnecessarily (I’ll blog about that a different time) are also all discussed in this film.Earthlings

I probably spent about 80 out of the 95 minutes of the film bawling my eyes out, but I couldn’t make myself turn it off. It’s so horrific but I can’t bring myself to put it out of my mind, like so many others do. It is the least that I can do to watch what these poor animals go through, and shed tears for the blood they have lost. I don’t think anyone can watch this movie and continue to eat meat. Like Paul McCartney said, “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” I’m convinced that no one (the majority at least) would want to continue to inflict that kind of harm on other living, breathing, feeling beings.

Watch it. Force yourself if you have to. If you haven’t already given up the tradition of eating meat, you will.


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i couldn’t even get through the trailer of this movie. i must say i have respect for those who can watch (or even cover their eyes through) this entire movie. i think it’s an important movie, but unfortunately, the ones who need to watch it most probably never will.

i went vegetarian, and eventually vegan, after watching “food, inc” which is a disney film compared to this. now that i am vegan, i don’t find it necessary to put myself through this movie. i think, in my case, it would do more harm than good.

thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!


Comment by conradvisionquest

@Wendy: I can completely understand why you wouldn’t/couldn’t watch the film. It’s horrifying and terrible. I own food, inc but haven’t watched it yet! I know they showed it in my school’s health class though (yay!). I force myself to watch these movies because I continually remind myself why I’m vegan. After I watch something as horrible as this, instead of becoming desensitized (thank goodness) I am always propelled even more to do something. Although it’s horrible watching it, it’s the aftermath that pays off for me. And I agree, those that should watch it, probably never will, but those sleeping compassionate people might!

@Sei-Thanks! Believe me, I cried a ton haha. You should become vegetarian! Of course I will support you on that decision 🙂

Comment by krazykaitie

Oh my gosh Kaitie, I admire your strength and perseverance for watching the whole movie. I cried just watching the trailer.

I cannot believe the horrors that mankind inflicts upon fellow animals. I hope that I can one day become vegan, but the first step for me will be to become vegetarian.

Thank you so much for blogging about this movie!

Comment by Sei Unno

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