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The Meat Industry and the Environment
May 11, 2010, 6:06 pm
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It makes sense that eating a vegetarian diet would save more land and resources than that of a meat eating one. When eating a plant-based diet, land is used to grow the crops and water is used to water them (also gas to transport, pesticides/fertilizer, etc.). However, for a diet that includes meat, the crops need to be grown (using water and land) to feed the animals, who also need water and land. Where these crops could go to feed humans (or other crops could be planted in their place to feed them) they are being fed to livestock.

Each year, 760 million tons of grains are fed to livestock.

“The average U.S. diet gets 47 percent of its calories from animal sources, resulting a carbon footprint of 2.52 tons per year.”

Switching “to a lacto-ovo (dairy and eggs allowed) vegetarian diet where 25 percent of your calories come from animal sources, will drop you down to about 1.5 ton of emissions per year”

Of course these numbers will vary, depending on how much meat you eat, where you live, etc, but this is pretty concrete evidence that a vegetarian diet is better for the environment.


Me and the tree we saved by clearing the blackberries!


For those of you who want to reduce your “carbon footprint” or just your impact on the earth, try cutting out even a little bit of meat, I promise you it will make a difference! 🙂


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Wait, I know, we should just eat the people who eat meat!

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