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February 2, 2010, 5:43 pm
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In addition to my kindhearted sister, my dad recently decided to make the switch to being vegetarian!

After a few years of being vegetarian, our house naturally doesn’t have as much meat, or dairy, as it used to. It’s much easier for my lovely mom to make just a vegetarian meal than a meat-lover one and a veggie one. (Thanks Mom!) So my dad doesn’t eat that much meat at our house anyways. However, he often treats himself to eating out, where he usually gets a meat dish. After having a nice heart-to-heart, he decided to make the switch, give up all of his favorite foods, and become vegetarian.

Even though he’s made this personal change, after some forty years of eating meat, he is having a tough time giving up meat completely—he has slipped up a few times. While I was a little disappointed at first thinking that he wasn’t as perfect as previously thought, I’ve since come to the conclusion that he’s doing the best he can. Even though he hasn’t given up all meat (for the most part he has now…I think!) he’s still making a difference every time he opts for a vegetarian dish.

If all that is feasible for you is to give up red meat, at least you can do that. It’s much better to give up only some of it, than thinking that it is pointless to go halfway.

It’s not.

Or you could eat vegetarian lunches (PB + J!) but still eat meat for dinner. The process has to be different for every person. Best of luck!


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