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Humans evolved eating meat
January 29, 2010, 9:31 am
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Yes. We evolved eating meat. Many scientists claim that the reason human brains grew larger than those of other apes is because of the change in our diet. Meat gave us the capacity, all of the cellular power, so that our new big brain could perform greater than those of say gorillas.

I accept that.

When humans were in the jungle and plants were plenty, they ate plants. Not only because it was more efficient (you have to chase and stalk animals, their meat will spoil if you don’t eat it, and will one feed a whole “tribe”?) and I’m sure safer. They did eat small animals when they got the chance. When they moved to the plains, plants weren’t as plentiful, and animals were abundant. Most scientists think that this is when they made the switch to eating meat. In this natural situation, humans did it for survival—there were no plants. However, today, not only is it more efficient to eat plants, it’s healthier and helps us survive longer.

The difference between the early humans that ate meat, and those that eat it today, is that those that eat it today eat the meat from a corrupted food industry, including slaughterhouses and factory farms. If you tell me that the cows you eat live their entire lives (20 years), are grass-fed, with no added hormones to make them “beefy,” (and you do all of this just to eat some cow…) be my guest. However, no one, at least a very, very small percentage, of people do that. Instead they eat hormone packed, crap-fed cows that live in places where they can’t move, invested with all things disgusting. THAT is what I don’t agree with.

So even if we evolved eating/to eat meat, it is unreasonable to do so now, and that is what I don’t respect.






What is a vegan?
January 23, 2010, 9:12 pm
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Most people know what a vegetarian is. A true vegetarian eats no cow meat, fish, chicken, turkey, etc. Some also don’t eat gelatin (cow/horse hooves). Some “vegetarians” eat fish, and may refer to themselves as a pescetarian/piscetarian. When I was vegetarian, I ate no meat, no fish, no animals, as well as no gelatin.

Vegans are much more strict, but much more animal friendly. True vegans use/eat no animal products. This includes the obvious dairy and eggs, but also no honey. Vegans also wear no leather, wool, silk, or any type of fur.

Some people as they transition to being a vegetarian/vegan take out different types of meat little by little other than giving them up all at once. Every little bit that you give up helps, so don’t be afraid to take baby steps.